Did You Do All the "Right Things" Financially...
Yet You're Still Worried About Money?

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Did You Do All the “Right Things” Financially ...
Yet You're Still Worried About Money?

New York Times bestselling author
and financial security expert
Pamela Yellen reveals the time-tested, proven strategies that have helped over 500,000 people eliminate their biggest financial worries in just 90 days ... guaranteed!

Hi. This is Pamela Yellen.

I'm the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Bank On Yourself and The Bank On Yourself Revolution.

Description: Two books.png And over the past 25 years, I've talked with tens of thousands of regular folks during my book tours, public lectures and in meetings with financial advisors.

And it's startling how many of them tell me a similar story, often even using the exact same words.

“I did everything I was supposed to do,” they tell me. “I worked hard and saved my money.”

Some people say ...

“I max-funded my 401(k). I used dollar cost averaging with investments. I tried not to live beyond my means ...

Other people told me ...

“I paid cash for everything ... didn't use credit.”

“And yet, here I am at age 40 or 50 or even 60, and I feel anxious about money, betrayed, uncertain if I'll ever be able to retire or what I'll have to give up to do so.”

Over and over again, people say things like this to me ...

Most are stressed, embarrassed, frustrated and even angry.

They make good incomes and drive nice cars, yet they often have trouble coming up with the $50,000, $30,000 or even $20,000 per year it costs to send their kids to college or to replace a roof when it starts leaking.

They worry about retirement and whether they'll end up being a burden to their children because of high living costs, medical expenses, even the high cost of food.

And they all want to know ...

These people played by the rules and worked hard. They did all the “right things” they were told to do. And yet now they're more financially insecure than ever ...

And then there are people who didn't do all the right things—because they simply didn't know how.

The government encouraged us to buy overpriced homes. Brokers told us to put all our money in the stock market. And they led us to believe that if we just put our hard-earned savings into stocks and real estate, we could retire rich and worry free.

And what about YOU?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, please believe me: you're not alone.

It's not just your friends and neighbors who are facing these kinds of financial challenges.

Your doctor, lawyer and probably even your banker are, too!

There was a time when a $100,000-a-year income sounded like a lot of money. Now people are struggling to make ends meet with incomes above $250,000.

And with the skyrocketing cost of health care, college education, cars and insurance, even people with six-figure incomes have trouble paying their bills.

A new Brookings Institution's study of the “cash poor wealthy” found that 38 million households are living a paycheck-to-paycheck existence, despite having assets such as a house and retirement accounts.

As for uncertainty about having enough money to live comfortably in retirement, that's a tsunami that is hitting almost everyone.

Forbes Magazine says that Americans are living “on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world.”

Is Death the New Retirement Plan?

I see far too many people who are now saying, “No problem. I'll just work until I drop.” They don't realize that almost half of people are forced to retire sooner than planned due to layoffs, health problems, or to take care of a loved one. Unfortunately, the facts aren't very reassuring ...

Description: Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances.tiff The latest Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances revealed that the typical household approaching retirement—people ages 55 to 64—had just $111,000 in combined 401(k) and IRA assets at the end of 2013.

If a couple uses their $111,000 to purchase an annuity, those assets will provide at most ...

only $500 per month!

And that's an amount whose purchasing power will decline over time, due to inflation.

Even more frightening is the fact that this paltry $500 per month is likely to be the only source of income they'll have to supplement Social Security, because that's all they've got.

Even people aged 55-64 who are earning the highest incomes in the Fed's latest survey had only about $450,000 in their retirement accounts.

And they're planning to retire in less than 10 years!

At today's low interest rate, even a $500,000 nest-egg will only generate between $400 and $800 per month in interest.

And if you count on drawing down your principal, remember that as your principal declines, so does your monthly income.

Unfortunately, your rapid decline in income will occur right when you need the money most—as your health costs skyrocket.

And, of course, many people have far less in savings—and too many American families have no savings at all.

What's more, people are living much longer than they did in the past, oftentimes well into their 90s.

With a nest egg like that, there's a very real chance that you could run out of money entirely.

And here's one final fact that will surely keep you up at night:

A typical 65-year-old couple will have to pay more than $200,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs after they retire—even WITH Medicare and Medigap coverage!

At least 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care, and 40% will need nursing home care, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Based on the average cost of a private nursing home and the average length of stay, you'll need more than $225,000 to cover a stay.

And many folks don't realize that Medicare will not pay for long-term care expenses!

So, if you're at all worried about money and your financial future, please pay close attention, because there is hope ... and there is a way out.

I want to show you some simple, proven ways you can begin eliminating your biggest financial worries—in just 90 days or less.

I'll reveal easy-to-use strategies that will let you take back control of your finances and dramatically reduce the stress, worry and anxiety that even the most affluent among us face on a daily basis.

I'll tell you about a simple change that takes only minutes to make in your mutual fund investments that could put an extra $250,000 to $750,000 cash in your retirement account—without increasing your risk one single bit.

These are the same proven strategies that have already helped more than 500,000 people take control of their financial destinies and stop worrying about money.

I'll also show you ...

* Innovative techniques for building up a substantial emergency fund in just 90 days or less ...

* How to enjoy a much richer lifestyle—while slashing thousands of dollars off your annual spending ...

* Proven tactics for eliminating credit card debt quickly!

* How you can add an extra $100,000 or more to your wealth—simply by changing the way you buy a car and make other major purchases ...

* The secrets of winning at the college funding game—and how your children can get an Ivy League quality education on a state college budget ...

* How you can enjoy a comfortable retirement even if you haven't been able to save very much money up until now ...

* How to make your children or grandchildren street-savvy about money—and how they can take control of their runaway spending ...

* Proven ways to build more financial intimacy with your spouse or life partner ... so you can work together to build a life free of financial stress and worry ...

* The quick questions to ask when you're thinking of purchasing something that will end impulse buying forever—and you won't even feel deprived ...

* And that's just for starters ...

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Pamela Yellen, and I'm the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Bank On Yourself and The Bank On Yourself Revolution.

I Can Help People Like You Regain Control

I'm a world renowned financial investigator and authority on financial security.

That means I help people take control of their financial futures and show them how to:

* Build and protect their wealth, even if they have zero money currently saved

* Eliminate credit card debt

* Build up a financial reserve to weather whatever challenges life throws at them

* Pay for college without going broke or sacrificing their own retirement

* Meet the financial challenges of purchasing and maintaining a home

* Prepare for a comfortable retirement

I've appeared on every major radio and TV network, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN and NPR, and my articles and interviews have appeared in thousands of major publications and websites, such as the Associated Press, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes.com, Ladies' Home Journal, Essence Magazine, Aging Today, and many others.

I've been featured as one of the top twenty Social Influencers in Personal Finance and Wealth on the Huffington Post, Forbes.com, and many other websites.

And my strategies and methods have been endorsed by some of today's most accomplished and respected entrepreneurs and business experts in the world.

For example ...

Joe Sugarman, founder of the BluBlocker Corporation, says ...

“Pamela Yellen should definitely win a Nobel Prize.”

Description: Harvey McKay.jpg

Harvey Mackay, the bestselling author of Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, says ...

“Pamela Yellen ... is 'right on the money' when it comes to financial security ...”

And MaryEllen Tribby, bestselling author of Reinventing the Entrepreneur, adds ...

“Pamela Yellen helps you sleep at night instead of worrying about your financial future.”

Now, I'm not telling you all this to brag.

I'm sharing this with you so you'll know that the methods, techniques and strategies I'm about to reveal actually work.

And let me make one thing clear: I know these strategies work, because not only have I used them in my own life—but also because more than 500,000 people have put them to the test as well!

You see, I haven't always been the paragon of financial organization and harmony I am today.

Back in the late 1980s, I was struggling. Really struggling.

I was working as a sales representative for an artist. I was living off my savings, and I'd spent almost everything except the money in my IRA—and I was determined not to touch that.

Eventually I discovered the lessons I'm going to share with you in this video—and my life was transformed.

I realized that if I could actually go from barely being able to pay my bills to having more money than I need—enough money so that I no longer have to worry about my financial future—so could ANYONE.

I had no formal training on how to handle money. But I learned—step by step, year after year, decade after decade—and now I know what really works.

I investigated more than 450 different financial products and strategies for protecting and growing wealth—and only a handful passed the test for safety, solid growth and peace of mind.

Out of my excitement and passion over finding
a process that really works came a new mission in my life

I've dedicated my life to helping men and women everywhere learn how to take back control of their financial destinies.

The methods I reveal in this video have helped 500,000 people stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt, multiply their net worth many times over, grow their retirement nest eggs, and eliminate financial stress and worry once and for all.

These same strategies and methods can work for you, but only if you're willing to look at money in a dramatically different way.

You see, if you're feeling trapped by your current financial circumstances, it's really NOT your fault.

The truth is that you've been misled and misinformed by the so-called “experts.”

For more than a century, some of the most brilliant minds in the world, aided by literally BILLIONS of dollars in research and advertising, have worked to create financial systems and entire industries to enrich themselves—at YOUR expense.

Take Wall Street, for example.

For decades, we've been told that the only way we can enjoy a comfortable retirement is by taking BIG risks in stocks, bonds, even real estate.

That's just so much B.S.

We've all been duped by “them”—by Wall Street, the mutual fund companies, and the big banks and financial institutions.

And we've learned the hard way that Wall Street and the big banks do NOT have our best interests at heart.

You see, until the 1970s most people had access to private pensions. Fully 85% of Americans working in private industry in 1975 had a company pension as part of their benefits.

Think of that—85%!

A pension provided retirees with a certain amount of money every month from the day they retired until they died.

But a funny thing happened on the way to retirement.

Description: Internal Revenue Tax Code-bound volumes of books.JPG In 1978, Congress added Section 401(k) to the tax code, creating a way for employees to add to their pensions with tax-deferred savings accounts.

Some politicians believed that pensions and Social Security weren't enough and that, if people wished to save more for retirement, it should be easy for them to do that.

And so the 401(k) plan was born. Each month the employer deducts a portion of people's salary—sometimes matching it with a contribution from the employer—and sets that money aside in an account.

But even though 401(k)'s were never meant to replace traditional pensions—only to supplement them—that's precisely what's happened!

Today, traditional pensions have just about disappeared from the private sector. Just two decades ago, half of all workers retired with pension income. Today, 90% of boomer-age workers will retire without a pension, according to research published by AARP.

Companies quickly discovered that it is far cheaper to offer a small matching contribution to an employee's 401(k) plan than to pay for a full-blown pension.

Unlike a pension plan, today's government-approved retirement plans offer absolutely no guarantees—except the guarantee that brokers and plan administrators are going to make money, no matter how much money you lose.

I think that's an outrage!

Even when you lose your money, the Wall Street fat cats make money—lots of it.

And while traditional pension plans were administered by financial professionals and legally required to pay benefits no matter what, 90% of the country's employees' 401(k)s today are watched over by people who need no special qualifications and no investing experience—

With less than impressive results.

These are just a few of the reasons why the man who invented the 401(k) now disowns it. This is what benefits consultant Ted Benna has to say about his creation:

Description: Ted Benna, father of 401(k).jpg Text Box: Ted Benna, Creator 
    of the 401(k) Plan

The 401(k) monster is out of control. It is far beyond what most participants are able to deal with ... We're throwing tons of money away trying to teach participants how to become skilled investors ... but it just hasn't worked. I would blow up the system and restart with something totally different.”

But blowing up the 401(k) system isn't going to help those who've trusted their financial futures to it. Here's how the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions put it:

“After a lifetime of hard work, many seniors will find themselves forced to choose between putting food on the table and buying their medications.”

That's a pretty depressing choice, isn't it?

And people all over America are beginning to wake up to all this. And some are even trying to figure out what they can do to take back control of their finances—and their lives.

Unfortunately, many of the “solutions” offered to us often cause more problems than they solve.

There's a simple reason why most “solutions” to money worries end up backfiring:

They're Just Plain Wrong

Think about it. When it comes to money and our finances, the “problem behind the problem” is our reliance upon so-called experts. We're putting our trust in the government, banks and Wall Street to secure our financial future.

Over and over, Wall Street implicitly promises us a magic-button solution—despite the proven fact past performance does not predict future results.

Wall Street says, “Just give us your money, and you can count on having a sizeable nest-egg when you retire.”

But it hasn't quite worked out that way, has it?

The fact is that Wall Street lost 49% or more of the typical investor's life savings—TWICE!—just since the year 2000.

Description: Pages from IB_14-15.tiff And the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College reports that the fees charged by mutual funds and 401(k) and IRA plans will slash the value of the typical person's account by almost 37%!

That means if your account should have been worth $500,000, you end up with only $314,000—all because of those stealth fees that are draining your hard-earned savings! That's $186,000(!) of your money that will end up in other people's pockets, not yours.

Listen to John Bogle, the founder and former CEO of Vanguard, who many consider to be the father of the indexed mutual fund, quoted in MarketWatch, in February 2014:

If you pay a hefty fee to an active manager, what happens to your potential return?

Answer: Nothing good. At 2.5% over a typical investor's lifetime, an astounding 80% of compounding returns ends up in the hands of the manager, not the investor.

Bogle says, “When our financial system—essentially our money managers, marketers of investment products and stockbrokers—put up zero percent of the capital and assume zero percent of the risk, yet receive fully 80% of the return, something has gone terribly wrong in our financial system.”

Fortunately, there IS a path out of the financial wilderness: a series of easy, PROVEN steps that totally BYPASS the “problem behind the problem” and let you take control of your financial destiny quickly.

These are the same proven steps that are the foundations of many fortunes, that have rescued an estimated 500,000 people from financial worry, and that you can use to build lasting wealth faster and with less stress than you ever imagined possible.

I call it ...

Here's the idea in a nutshell ...

You replace the “hope and pray” method of financial planning with knowing how much money you will have—both now and in the future.

You replace uncertainty with certainty ... unpredictability with predictability ... and lack of control with complete control.

That's how you grow your wealth while enjoying financial peace of mind!

Your Money Revolution represents an entirely new way of approaching money and your financial future, although it is based on the same time-tested principles of money management your great-grandparents used.

Your Money Revolution takes advantage of simple strategies, proven financial products and old-fashioned street smarts in order to put you back in control of your money—and beat the banks and Wall Street at their own game.

Let me give you some examples ...

1. How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

But first, let me ask you a question: How much of your financial plan depends on risky investments?

For the vast majority of people, most of their financial assets are in the “money at risk” sector.

These assets are subject to the volatility of the stock market, the real estate market, and other markets.

With most of your eggs in that money-at-risk basket, you can be flush today and destitute tomorrow.

It's out of your control.

What's more, your money is beyond your reach, because it's locked up in a government-controlled retirement account. You can't get your hands on it quickly when you need it, without loss or penalties.

Think of your personal wealth as a pyramid. Most people have things upside down.

They put most of their money into Wall Street investments that are NOT safe and that they CAN'T touch without severe losses or penalties. As a result, most people's financial pyramids look like this:

It takes only a slight breeze in the form of an unexpected expense or emergency to cause this pyramid to come crashing down.

Can the situation really be that precarious? Yes! Because as the recent Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances revealed ...

“The typical household holds virtually no financial assets
outside of its 401(k)s and IRAs. The typical household
approaching retirement has only $12,500 of financial
assets outside of retirement savings.”

Here's another problem:

How many supposed financial “experts” have you heard say you only need to have 3 to 6 months' of living expenses in “reserve”?

Yet that's insane!

A single car accident could put you in the hospital for months, and then what would happen to your family?

The Federal Reserve recently revealed that 25% of Americans experienced a major medical expense they paid for out of pocket in the prior 12 months. That's one out of four of us!

And the reality is that most people don't have anything close to 3 to 6 months' living expenses in cash reserves.

Fully 50% of both workers and retirees say they would have difficulty coming up with even $2,000 within thirty days to cover an unexpected expense.

That's pretty scary. I mean, what's $2,000 these days? A leaky roof, an emergency trip to visit a sick relative across the country, or the transmission goes out on your car.

And according to Bankrate.com, 26% have no emergency savings—none!—and nearly half of the highest earners have only six months' worth of savings.

Description: 400-dollar FED cover.tiff The scariest news comes from the Federal Reserve—more than half of Americans would have to borrow money or sell something to cover an emergency expense of just $400! That's a minor car repair or dental expense.

“Only 48 percent of respondents said that they could completely cover a hypothetical emergency expense costing $400 without selling something or borrowing money.”

Now, some of these folks may have financial assets on paper—such as a house or a retirement account—but they can't easily get the cash out of those assets!

Or if they can, they'll pay a huge penalty or lose money.

How Big an Emergency Fund
Do You Really Need?

Financial peace of mind comes when you create a Financial Pyramid that is the exact opposite of the one most Americans have today—when you have liquid cash reserves equal to at least TWO FULL YEARS of household income.

Yes, you heard me. Two years.

If your household makes $100,000 a year, you should have access to at least $200,000 in safe and liquid savings.

Hey, I know what you're thinking. “How the heck am I supposed to come up with that?” Just stick with me for a moment ...

Now, this cash doesn't have to be in a bank. It can be held in short-term CDs, money market accounts or specially-designed whole life insurance policies.

But it must be accessible ... and not at risk.

Can you sense how much better you would feel if your financial pyramid looked like this instead?

The bottom of the pyramid—the foundation—should be money that is safe no matter what ... money you can always count on ... money you can access if and when you need it.

Just imagine if you had $200,000 sitting in rock-solid, ultra-safe accounts—money you could access anytime you need it.

Just knowing that cash was there would make you feel a lot better, wouldn't it?

Sure, you may still have money concerns. You might feel like you have to stretch to pay all of your bills. But the panic many people feel—the cold sweats late at night, worrying about how you'll be able to survive financially—would be gone.

Imagine the relief! Imagine how your entire outlook on life would change.

It's this simple: Life is a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable when safe and liquid cash reserves make up the foundation of your pyramid.

And this also opens up possibilities and opportunities you never dreamed of.

Rather than walking a tightrope in a strong wind with nothing to catch you, a healthy financial pyramid that's right-side-up means you're working with a financial safety net.

A foundation built on safe and liquid savings gives you stability, accessible resources, and restful nights.

Now I know what you may be thinking: “Yeah, right, that all sounds great, but I don't see how it's possible for me.”

Okay. But if you aren't thrilled with your financial situation, but you continue to do what you've been doing, how can anything possibly change?

A right side up pyramid is possible and hundreds of thousands of families have put it together.

In Your Money Revolution, I touch on literally DOZENS of ways you can quickly build up a liquid cash reserve that becomes the foundation of your right-side-up pyramid.

What's more, I show you how to do it without feeling deprived or feeling like you're going without.

For example, I reveal ...

* The 10/10/10 Savings Formula that lets you accumulate cash quickly

* How spending just 1% less per year can give you a lifetime of financial freedom

* 6 Ways to put an extra $500 to $1,000 a month in your pocket, starting tomorrow

* How to restructure your debt to free up a significant amount of monthly cash

* An easy way to get an extra $200 to $300 per month in your paycheck—just by filling out a simple form

* Why you should consider reducing your 401(k) contribution until you have a sizable emergency fund

* A little-known, super-safe savings vehicle that can quickly and easily build the base of your financial pyramid

* And lots more

I'll tell you more about my life-changing program in a moment.

But first, let's talk about another area of your financial life that may be causing needless stress and anxiety ...

2. Digging Your Way Out From
Life-Sucking, Bone-Crushing Debt!

The recent recession was a painful reality check for many people.

Folks who had “done all the right things” lost much of their retirement funds and other investments.

Description: Man buried in bills.jpg Others who had used equity in their homes to finance home improvements, college educations or new businesses found that their homes were no longer worth even 70% of the outstanding loans on them.

Plus, companies laid off workers right and left, leaving many unemployed for months, even years.

Those who did find jobs often ended up earning much less than they'd been accustomed to. You might even be one of them.

Other folks were seduced by the Never-Never Land of easy credit. Credit cards kept offering them higher credit limits and home equity lines of credit, so they took them—and used them.

Like a well-oiled Ponzi scheme, these folks paid prior debts by incurring more debt.

With no savings to fall back on, every small emergency sent them further into debt until one morning, they woke up and realized that they simply couldn't keep the plates spinning any more. You might be able to relate.

Or maybe your business failed.

Or you incurred a horrendous medical expense.

Maybe your spouse died.

Or you ran up more student loans than you can repay.

Perhaps you gambled away your money in the Wall Street Casino.

Whatever the cause of your current financial troubles, your history does NOT have to determine your future. You can still get on the path to financial peace of mind.

And one of the very first steps is digging yourself out of debt, especially high-interest credit card debt.

No matter how bad a debt situation you find yourself in—and I've seen some pretty bad cases—there are some effective strategies you can implement today.

In my financial transformation coaching program, this is one of the very first things we tackle. We give you step-by-step debt reduction strategies that you can implement immediately. We look at ...

* The right way and the wrong way to get out of debt

* Three strategies that will help you pay off credit cards faster

* The financial task that's even more important than paying off your credit cards

* A proven method for paying off $50,000 of credit card debt in just four years

* When you should use credit cards ... and when you should avoid them at all costs

* A psychological trick that lets you automatically reduce spending by at least 20%—without feeling deprived!

* How to actually make money on credit cards ... but only if you take this one step

* And lots more

Now, I know that debt is one of the biggest financial challenges many people face.

But there is actually a BIGGER, even scarier challenge, and the good news is that it's one that you can absolutely, 100% face with confidence ...

3. Enjoy a Worry-Free, Prosperous
Retirement—No Matter What!

The big banks on Wall Street, the brokers, the politicians—all the “experts”—have created a system in which a comfortable retirement is almost impossible for most people, if they follow the game plan laid out for them.

Just 20 or 30 years ago, a retired couple could typically look forward to at least one fully-funded pension in the family. And with $300,000 saved in a series of FDIC-insured bank accounts, they could typically get interest rates of around 7% to 8% a year, which would provide them with an additional $2,000 per month in income.

Those Days Are Gone

Today retirees have very few ways to generate a decent income. A typical certificate of deposit today pays very low interest. And for every $300,000 you have saved, a 1% interest rate only generates an income of $250 a month. An interest rate of 2% only throws off $500 a month.

Here's another example of how brokers and money managers rig the system to make it very difficult to retire comfortably: they tack on so many hidden fees and ridiculous, wealth-killing charges into mutual funds, you lose potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, while you're trying to save for retirement.

We crunched all the numbers for you. Take a look at this...

Fee Comparison of
S&P 500 Index Funds
S&P 500 Index Funds

$100,000 one-time
5% annual growth rate
30-Year Returns
Value if NO fees
Value AFTER fees
Amount lost to fees

Percentage lost to fees

Assuming a $100,000 initial account and a 5% annual growth rate, we looked carefully at three popular S&P 500 index mutual funds.

And what we discovered was an outrage!

It turns out that some popular mutual funds pile on so many fees that the typical investor can lose more than 37% of his or her returns just to money-sucking, wealth-destroying (and mostly hidden) fees.

The worst mutual fund siphoned off 14.4% in 10 years, 26.6% in 20 years, and a staggering 37.2% in 30 years.

On a $100,000 initial account, that adds up to $160,712 in lost cash! The least thieving of the funds only charged $11,512 in fees over 30 years. And other than the fees charged, these funds are identical! They're all so-called “passively-managed” funds that simply track the S&P 500 Index. It's not rocket science!

But pick the wrong fund—or let your employer pick it for you—and you'll lose hundreds of thousands of dollars more than necessary!

In other words: Simply by avoiding these rip-off funds, you could end up with nearly $150,000 in extra cash to spend during retirement.

And remember: That's with a $100,000 initial account.

A couple with $500,000 to start with could end up with an additional ...

$750,000 ...

... when they retire, simply by avoiding the hidden rip-off fees that Wall Street charges.

Think about that: an extra $750,000. That would give you MORE than double what you'd have otherwise.

For most retired couples, that much additional savings would mean never having to worry about money again right there.

In other words, just by making one small change in where you invest your nest egg—a change you could make in just 10 minutes—you could end up with more than twice as much money when you retire.

You could end up with a lifestyle substantially more prosperous than if you had not made that change.

That's one of the things I'll teach you in my course—how to make small changes like this that have a HUGE impact in the quality of your life.

Financial Street Smarts Matter—a LOT

Financial street smarts mean the difference between enjoying a prosperous, comfortable retirement free from financial worries ... and struggling to make ends meet.

But Here's the Good News:

It's never been easier to create the retirement of your dreams—if you follow a few simple, proven, time-tested strategies and avoid the traps and pitfalls that Wall Street puts in your way.

Whether you're young or old, already retired or only beginning to think about retiring, there are many different strategies that can help you enjoy a comfortable, carefree retirement—even if you have very little money already saved.

And I want to show them all to you, beginning with this simple strategy for doubling the size of your nest egg, so you have $1.25 million instead of $500,000 when you retire. Without taking on any more risk!

Just a few simple tweaks I'll show you that take only minutes can make the difference between barely scraping by in retirement and living the lifestyle you want and deserve.

And that's just the beginning!

For example, for decades Americans have been told that the best place for their retirement savings is in tax-deferred accounts, such as IRAs or 401(k)s.

There are advantages to these government-controlled accounts, but there are significant disadvantages as well.

Take withdrawal rules: in government-controlled retirement plans (other than Roth plans), you'll pay penalties for taking distributions before you're 59½.

Imagine: you pay a 10% penalty for accessing your own money!

But it's actually worse than that: In all plans except Roth plans, you're forced to start taking distributions when you reach 70½—whether you want to or not.

The truth is, once you put money into a government-controlled retirement plan, you no longer control it.

The government controls it.

And the government can change the rules any time they want!

Are You Sitting on a Tax Time Bomb?

Description: Time Bomb 11271467_s.jpg And then there's the tax time bomb lurking in your 401(k) or IRA.

How could that be?

The money you put into a tax-deferred retirement account is money you haven't paid taxes on. Then you hope it grows. Later, you'll pay taxes on everything you withdraw from the plan—both your principal and all the growth.

So let me ask you—what direction do you think tax rates are going over the long term? Almost everyone I've surveyed—and most experts—believe they can only go up.

So if the government raises income tax rates in the future and you're successful in growing your nest egg, you'll only end up paying more—a lot more—on the income you withdraw from tax-deferred accounts than you would paying taxes now.

Many people mistakenly believe that money compounds much faster in tax-deferred accounts. That's simply not true.

If you defer your taxes, grow your money over a period of years and then pay your taxes ... you're left with exactly the same amount as if you pay your taxes first, grow your money, then withdraw everything without having to pay taxes. BUT ... that's only true if the tax rates don't change!

If rates go up, those higher tax rates mean you'll be left with less!

That's why in my revolutionary new coaching program, we spend a lot of time sharing proven legal alternatives to government-controlled retirement plans.

Most people aren't even aware that these alternatives exist—much less than they offer significant advantages over government-controlled accounts.

But I go into great detail about how you can “think outside the box” and create a retirement nest egg that is the envy of everyone you know. I reveal ...

* 5 things you must know when deciding if your 401(k), IRA or other government-controlled retirement plans are in your best interest

* The crucial difference between saving and investing ... and why you can go broke if you confuse the two

* The number one thing you must do if you want to enjoy a prosperous retirement

* Why the stock market is not a good investment for the majority of pre-retirees

* Retirement plans that have none of the worry, volatility and risk associated with stocks, bonds and mutual funds ... and that let you access both your principal and growth with no taxes due

* The #1 mistake most people make with their nest egg ... and how to avoid it

* The “Bank On Yourself” plans that give you maximum flexibility, predictability and guaranteed growth—while eliminating the stress and worry of traditional investments

* And lots more!

Now, I don't have time here to go into all the details here, but I do want to mention another area of your financial life that may be causing you undue stress and worry, and that's ...

4. Paying for College Without Going Broke
or Sacrificing Your Own Retirement

America is facing a college financing crisis almost as big as our retirement crisis. Once again, most people have no clue how we got to this point.

All they know is that colleges expect them to pay $10,000, $20,000, even $50,000 a year or more for their kids' tuition and living expenses ...

College students who borrowed will graduate this year with an average of $33,000 in student debt, according to an analysis of data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

What that means is that if you now have or will have college-age children or grandchildren, you and your family face some tough decisions.

Unfortunately, paying for college today requires a sophisticated strategy that no one is explaining to you.

Until now.

Many of the traditional college savings plans that the “experts” have told you about for years contain hidden traps that can actually hurt your overall finances.

For example, did you know that the money you save in your 529 Plan will counted as your asset, and UGMAs and UTMAs will be counted as your child's asset when the college is deciding if they should offer your student financial aid?

Having money in these accounts can actually penalize your child when they apply for need-based federal financial aid. You could miss out on tens of thousands of dollars in free grants by having these accounts!

In addition, these traditional college savings accounts come with all sorts of rules and restrictions.

There Has to Be a Better Way ...
And Fortunately, There Is

There are strategies that help you get MAXIMUM financial aid from top universities, while also allowing you to sock away money for college that you decide how and when to use—without owing taxes and penalties—and that you fully control, not the government and not your child.

In the Your Money Revolution coaching program, I go into great detail about the many options now available for parents of college age students—options that let them help their children get a college education, if that's right for them—while not going into massive debt or ruining their chances for a comfortable retirement.

For example, we cover ...

* 7 critical questions you should ask when considering how you will pay for college

* 5 ways to get an Ivy League education for the cost of a state college

* How you can avoid having your savings count against you when applying for federal student aid

* The truth about college loans, and why they can be disastrous for both students and parents

* How you can have a guaranteed amount in your college savings account at a specific date in the future

* Why paying for college should not be your top financial priority

* Why it's important that you have the maximum control over money saved for college—and a little-known college savings vehicle that gives you both flexibility and control over how you USE the money

* And more!

Now, if you're at all interested in potentially saving up to $200,000 per child in college expenses ...

... and yes, I said $200,000 PER child ...

... then I urge you to consider trying out the Your Money Revolution coaching program for yourself.

I'll tell you more about that in just a moment.

But before I do, there's just ONE more area I simply must touch on before I tell you about my new financial freedom coaching program.

That's because this is one of the most difficult and painful parts of dealing with money ...

5. Creating Financial Harmony with Your Spouse or
Significant Other—and with Your Kids!

Arguments about money are THE top predictors of divorce.

“It's not about children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It's money,” says a study published in Family Relations Journal.

Description: Family Council iStock_000009447105Large.jpg And compared to arguments over other topics, arguments about money tend to last longer and be more aggressive, provoking things like yelling, name-calling, and harsh accusations we later regret. As you can imagine, these fights put a damper on the level of intimacy between you and your partner. I don't know about you, but I find this incredibly sad.

Unfortunately, in our culture it's considered “rude,” “impolite,” or “offensive” to talk about money.

A survey by American Express found that 9 out of 10 people avoid talking about finances, household expenses, and debt with their partners.

So why don't couples talk about money? Because discussing money too often results in arguments!

If We Have Kids, They Are Also
Involved in the Family Finances

Children can be either a significant source of additional financial stress ... or part of the solution that takes that stress away.

Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to increase awareness of money matters in your family, in ways that are fun and enjoyable for you, your partner, and for your kids. Result: everyone is happier. And you and your partner may find you even have more fun in the bedroom!

In the Your Money Revolution coaching program, we go into great detail about this, even including a Love and Money Quiz that helps couples get financially “naked!”

One of the ways to get your whole family on the same page financially is ...

A Monthly Family Financial
Discussion Night!

This is one of the most meaningful traditions you can build, and it works—no matter how many members there are in your family or how old they are.

I suggest you treat your Family Financial Discussion Night both as a special occasion and as a team meeting where the family comes together to collaborate on a project.

Some families make it their “Family Financial Discussion and Ice Cream Social Night.”

Children as young as six can participate.

It's a great way to give your kids the habits and skills that will set them up for life—a lifetime of financial success, responsibility and independence.

I recommend that you have a picture or some kind of a goal device to track progress toward your family's financial goals—whether it's a Hawaii vacation, college, a new car, whatever those goals may be.

You can use a chart for each goal, with stars or stickers showing accomplishments.

Or you could have a simple graph showing your progress. Maybe it's a thermometer-type drawing that gets colored in from the bottom to the top, as the goal nears completion. Your kids will love this!

The point is to make the goals real. Track your progress toward them, and let every member of the family play a role in achieving the goals.

Remind your family that these goals aren't just numbers on paper. They're the way you create the life you desire.

Focus on your team goals. And don't sweat the small stuff.

In our ground-breaking Your Money Revolution coaching program, you get a step-by-step plan and a suggested agenda for your family's monthly financial discussion night.

There are many proven, time-tested strategies available that can help take away the financial stress from your life ... and help you reach financial goals you may have thought impossible to achieve.

One of the wisest decisions you can make is to take advantage of the Your Money Revolution financial mastery program.

That's because Your Money Revolution introduces you to the most effective strategies, techniques and principles available today—in a way that you can put them into practice in your own life immediately.

This revolutionary program is a step-by-step plan for completely transforming your financial life.

We've been able to help literally hundreds of thousands of people—more than 500,000 so far—go from a place of financial worry and stress to a state of confidence and a feeling of abundance.

This Is Not the “Law of Attraction”

If you're looking for some magical way to fix your money worries overnight without any work or self-reflection, this is probably not for you.

You might have better luck with a lottery ticket.

But if you're looking for a realistic, proven way to:

* stop living paycheck to paycheck

* get out of debt

* build up a financial reserve that will let you sleep at night

* pay for college, if that's in your future

* develop financial intimacy and harmony with your loved ones

* create a genuine legacy of wealth and prosperity for your retirement years and your heirs ...

... then I can honestly say that the Your Money Revolution coaching program is something you absolutely should consider very seriously.

My family and I practice what I preach. We do the things I know you can do—like building up a foundation of liquid cash assets that lets my family sleep at night. Beyond that, my team and I have helped hundreds of thousands of others get these results, too.

When you follow the action steps in the Your Money Revolution coaching program, you will watch in amazement as your debts decline, your wealth grows and your peace of mind increases.

In practical terms, Your Money Revolution is a way for you to quickly access some of the finest, most credible money mastery and wealth creation principles available.

And here's something else:

Your Money Revolution gives you practical, hands-on advice that can fit your situation or personal financial goals—no matter where you're starting from.

Description: Happy Couple (isolated) iStock_000018048874XSmall.png If you're struggling to pay your bills every month, you can benefit immediately from our easy, step-by-step self-inventory of your spending and income that lets you know exactly where your money is going. This inventory comes complete with detailed, specific strategies that will help you find hidden sources of cash you may not have been aware of.

On the other hand, if you're already able to save some money every month but not enough to meet all your goals and dreams, you'll benefit from the Your Money Revolution approach to wealth creation and asset management

You may have far more resources available to you than you realize.

Keeping and growing your money is all about leveraging those resources in the proper way, so you have greater financial security, less stress and more options for the future.

The point is, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

You can take advantage of my 25 years as a financial investigator and consumer advocate, when you know the time-tested, predictable methods of growing and protecting wealth now used by more than a half-million people.

You don't have to spend hundreds of hours studying financial planning guides and anxiously investigating complex retirement and investment strategies.

My team and I have already done that for you.

Since 1990, we have investigated more than 450 different financial vehicles and strategies for growing wealth.

We have sifted through the universe of financial strategies, methods and techniques and simply hand you the most effective, safest and quickest ways to build your wealth, get out of debt and enjoy true financial independence.

You can be confident that you're taking the journey with some experienced guides.

We know that it's possible for you to reach your goals without taking unnecessary risks, and the Your Money Revolution approach lets you sleep at night.

Now I know that if you're like many people, you're probably thinking that a coaching program like this must cost a fortune.

After all, the strategies and techniques you'll discover in the Your Money Revolution coaching program have helped more than 500,000 people take back control of their financial destinies.

But it doesn't cost a fortune.

In fact, almost anyone can afford it.

Perhaps you're wondering why I'm even offering to help you at all—especially if I'm not charging the big bucks professional financial planners and investment advisors typically charge.

And the answer is ...

This Is My Passion...
This Is My Mission in Life

The reason I created the Your Money Revolution financial coaching program is because at this point in my life, the greatest personal satisfaction I get is from helping others get rid of debt and grow real wealth—wealth they can be confident will be there when they need it—so they can put an end to financial worry and stress.

Letters like this one fuel my passion. This note is from a 30-something marketing director. In her letter, she went on and on, praising Your Money Revolution. She ended by saying:

This excellent program covers all the basics that you should have learned in school, but never did! If you want to finally experience financial peace of mind, say goodbye to financial stress, and build a secure financial future for yourself and your family, you owe it to yourself to take this course.

-Rose Sarko, Columbus, Ohio

One thing you'll appreciate about the Your Money Revolution coaching program is that it's designed so you can go at your own pace.

Unlike some programs, you don't have to worry about keeping up with a classroom full of people.

This step-by-step, comprehensive program—designed to completely transform your financial life—is broken up into easy, bite-sized pieces.

Baby steps.

That means you can start using a specific strategy or technique when it's just right for you.

There is no pressure, no hassle.

Your Money Revolution is all about removing stress and anxiety, not adding to your already lengthy “to do” list.

The Your Money Revolution coaching program contains five modules, plus several bonus modules. The course unfolds like this ...

Module 1: Discovering and
Raising Your Money IQ

We cut right to the chase, to your Money IQ. Right off the bat, you'll learn the basic principles of the entire Your Money Revolution approach to building wealth and prosperity as you eliminate stress and worry.

Then we help you analyze your Financial Pyramid—so you can turn yours right-side-up, with a base of liquid, easily accessible cash that is both substantial and growing.

Talk about Stress-Reducing!

You'll discover the difference between investing and saving ... the 10 biggest money myths that are destroying your wealth ... and you'll discover why savings can often be far more important than investments. (That's the very opposite of what we've all been taught!)

How Likely is it that You Would
Become a Victim of a Financial Scam?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has reported that “investors have a weak grasp of elementary financial concepts, and lack critical knowledge of ways to avoid investment fraud.

You probably believe that you would never be one of those scam victims, right?

Description: Bernie Madoff smiling.jpg

Bernie Madoff

Well ... remember Bernie Madoff and his massive Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of billions of dollars? Many of Madoff's victims were socialites, members of his country club, financial directors of some major charities, and even well-known show business people, including Kevin Bacon and Steven Spielberg! A huge portion of Madoff's victims were really smart, successful people who could afford the best financial advisors money can buy.

They were smart enough to grow a fortune, but they weren't smart enough to keep it.

In Your Money Revolution, the money myths we expose are eye opening. You'll be armed with the facts, so you can protect yourself and your family from becoming victims of financial scams and schemes.

The Magic 10/10/10 Savings Formula

From there we move to the 10/10/10 Savings Formula. This formula could easily be the single most important, life-changing piece of financial wisdom you'll ever receive.

Though it seems to work like magic, it's actually just simple wisdom from generations past. It's a brilliant, practical strategy that has fallen out of use, even though it was successfully used by your grandparents and countless generations before them. You'll marvel at the powerful changes you can experience in your life, just by consistently using this simple formula.

And we're only getting started!

In Module 1 you'll also learn about the best places to stash your cash—and the important role played by specially designed cash-value life insurance policies in building safe and liquid wealth you can access how and when you want.

You'll understand why—and how—since the 1980s, Wall Street has been able to lobby Congress and sell the public on risky and costly mutual funds as the foundation for savings, whereas in the past, life insurance was considered a far more reliable and conservative way to build real wealth and enjoy life-long peace of mind.

Of course, we also discuss investing, and we reveal why you should invest only after you've created the bottom third of your Financial Pyramid—a solid base of liquid cash growing by a guaranteed amount every single year.

You'll understand why you should invest only after you have safe reserves equal to two years' household income and why you should only invest money you won't need for 20 years.

Here's what Tim Austin has to say about how following the strategies in Your Money Revolution allows you to be able to say “Yes!” to whatever life throws at you—whether it's a financial emergency ... or an opportunity you don't want to have to say “No” to, simply because you don't have the money:

Module 2: A Fail-Proof System for Getting What You Want

In Module 2, you'll roll up your sleeves and get down to business. In this module, you'll get a clear picture of exactly where you are financially—right now.

By establishing this starting point, you can create your own Personal Road Map to a life where you're the master of your money, not a slave to it.

Until you know where you are, you can't create a map to get to where you want to go. The minutes you spend to develop your Financial Snapshot will set you up to get the most value out of this program.

Next, we show you exactly how to establish your financial goals using the SMARTER method.

You'll set financial and life goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant to your situation, with Time-based deadlines that you regularly Evaluate—goals that when achieved, result in a specific Reward for you.

After you have established your financial goals, we show you how to create, not a budget, but a strategic spending plan. The differences between the two are astounding.

You'll be so glad you can eliminate the straitjacket of a budget, in favor of a plan that's exciting, rewarding, and actually doable!

Then we move to one of the key parts of the entire coaching program ...

Conscious Spending

Modern day merchandisers have worked hard to make sure that when you spend money, it's an unconscious, emotion-driven experience, not a thoughtful decision.

Rather than you consciously controlling your spending, Madison Avenue has trained you so that your spending controls you!

But you'll learn the secret how to change that ... forever.

You'll be able to turn off the autopilot spending in your life by using the Spending Pleasure Meter.

This powerful tool lets you instantly know whether something you're thinking of spending money on is really worth it to you ... both in terms of your short-term pleasure and in terms of your long-term financial goals.

We'll reveal the incredibly simple psychological tricks to use to instantly take away the desire for a purchase—in the amount of time it takes you to make a fist or flex your bicep!

You'll know the best ways to use credit and debit cards ... and when not to. Imagine being able to reduce your spending by 20%—without ever feeling deprived!

Module 3: Funding Important Milestones Like
Retirement and College, Worry-Free

In Module 3, we teach you how you go about financing the “big ones”—the two big-ticket items that really challenge your finances: retirement and college.

We show you why you are responsible for securing your retirement—not your employer and certainly not the government.

We'll pull back the curtain and expose several critical disadvantages of conventional retirement plans [401(k)s, IRAs, Roth plans, etc.], including high fees, volatility, penalties for accessing cash prior to 59½, and forced distributions after age 70½.

Knowledge Is Power

And knowing both the pros and the cons of these plans gives you the power to make informed decisions—before it's too late.

You'll be armed with a simple 3-step plan to investing success that lets you cut through the clutter of conflicting advice and virtually guarantees you better results—with less risk and worry.

And you'll have solid research that will leave no doubt as to why this easy-to-follow strategy works so well.

This module is where you receive your Personal Investment Success Calculator that lets you find out in minutes whether the mutual funds and exchange traded funds you own are unnecessarily draining your wealth. We show you step by step how to discover for yourself the best funds to invest in.

This process literally takes only minutes, but it could easily add $250,000, $500,000, or even one million dollars or more to your wealth over your lifetime—without taking any more risk at all!

Want to know how to pay for college without endangering your retirement fund? We'll give you the information you need. You'll learn all about the many myths and dangerous assumptions associated with paying for college—and how you can avoid plundering your retirement nest egg to help your students get a top-rate education at below-market costs!

Module 4: Love and Money—Sound
Strategies for Today's Couples

In Module 4, you'll see why one of the biggest challenges to your financial wellbeing is the people you love the most. We'll show you how to successfully manage your family's finances with your spouse or significant other and with your children.

Did you know that nearly half the couples in this country have serious, recurring arguments about money. Money is the number one cause of divorce. And as a stress factor in relationships, money comes in way ahead of issues like intimacy, children, and in-laws.

You'll get six practical suggestions to make sure your relationship doesn't hit the skids because of disagreements about money.

Then you'll have access to our exclusive Love and Money Quiz, to help you understand your attitudes—and your partner's attitudes—about money. You'll finally be able to get “financially naked” with your partner.

And you'll have a series of strategies and proven techniques you can use starting today to increase your financial intimacy.

How much have you and your sweetie talked about retirement together? Are you on the same page? Maybe not! Did you know that almost four in ten couples who aren't yet retired disagree about the lifestyle they expect in retirement—and many couples haven't even discussed where they're doing to live.

That's a Recipe for Complete Disaster!

You'll feel closer than ever to the one you love, when you learn how to plan for retirement as a couple.

Module 5: How the “Bank On Yourself” Concept
Can Revolutionize Your Wealth

Description: BOY Logo Horizontal.jpg

In Module 5, you'll receive the specifics about a strategy that can help you supercharge and leverage ALL the other strategies you've learned in Your Money Revolution.

The Bank On Yourself concept involves a little-known twist on a financial asset that's increased in value every single year for more than 160 years: dividend-paying whole life insurance.

Boy, are you in for a surprise!

You'll discover that a well-designed, powerful, supercharged life insurance policy can actually give you as much benefit during your lifetime as it gives your family after you're gone! That is NOT an exaggeration.

Don't Be Deceived

The kind of insurance you're going to learn about is NOTHING like the whole life policies Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, and most financial advisors love to hate.

That's why Module 5 starts off by clearing up a few misconceptions.

For example, using a simple sailboat analogy, you'll understand how and why Bank On Yourself-type insurance policies incorporate little-known riders, or options, that dramatically accelerate the growth of your money in the policy.

You'll discover how you can have up to forty times more cash value than with the policies most experts and advisors know about, especially in the early years of the policy.

Adding these riders allows you to use your policy as a powerful financial management tool from day one.

You'll have the powerful knowledge of how Bank On Yourself can protect you from market crashes, inflation, deflation, a decline in the dollar ... or just about any frightening economic scenario you can imagine.

How to Fire Your Banker and Become
Your Own Source of Financing

Would you like to fire your banker and become your own source of financing? Why grovel for a bank loan, when you can borrow 85-90% of your cash value through one or more policy loans at any time and for any reason.

The Only Two Questions the Company Asks Are: “How Much Do You Want?” and “Where Should We Send the Money?”

You find out that you can pay your loans back on your schedule—not the bank or finance company's schedule. And you can recapture the interest you'd otherwise pay to financial institutions and never see again.

Nothing beats “being your own banker!”

You'll also see how a properly designed Bank On Yourself-type policy lets you take maximum advantage of all the “living benefits” that exist only in the best life insurance policies. You'll know what to look for—and what to avoid—for maximum wealth building with safety and peace of mind.

We'll show you how life insurance has been a foundation of bullet-proof wealth building, tax planning, and asset protection plans for generations.

You get a simple, easy, step-by-step recipe to get you started, using the Bank On Yourself strategies and principles to create a fortress of financial security for yourself and those you love!

This may seem like a lot of material, but don't worry ...

We Break Everything Down into Bite-Size Chunks
So You Can Do This Step By Step

But there is so much more!

You also get three BONUS modules that zero in like a laser on some of the most challenging aspects of money management:

Bonus Module #1: Money Doesn't Grow on Trees:
Raising Financially Savvy Kids and Teens
A $497.00 Value ... Yours FREE!

No matter what age your children are, the first step to fiscal responsibility and self-reliance is financial know-how. When you show your kids how money works and how to work with money, you will help them build self-reliance. And nothing builds children's self-esteem faster than self-reliance.

Description: ATM dispenses money 123RF 4696933_m.jpg Have you ever had the feeling that your kids think money spits out of a wall? Description: Money Tree.jpgHow many times have you said, “Money doesn't grow on trees, you know!”

And doesn't their lists of “I wants” seem almost infinite? By teaching your children the connection between work and money, how to spend and save wisely, and how to balance income and outgo, you're empowering them—now and for the future.

They'll be able to stand on their own two feet and avoid the painful financial missteps you and I have made. They'll feel confident that, no matter what the circumstance, they'll be able to provide for themselves and later for their families, without falling into the trap of expecting you—or anyone else—to support them.

When you show your children how to set financial goals and stick to a plan, you've given them a blueprint for attaining whatever they want to achieve in life, whether it's a new skill, a career, a healthier body or total financial independence.

With money as a vehicle, you will be able teach your children how to use creative problem solving to get where they want to go and how to overcome any obstacles in their path.

In this module, you'll receive a step-by-step blueprint to help young children, and another one for teens—to give them the skills and knowledge they need to be financially savvy and responsible for life. We even show you how to uncover and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids.

Bonus Module #2: Avoiding and
Getting out of Financial Trouble.
A $197.00 Value ... Yours FREE!

In this second bonus module, you'll find advanced strategies and techniques for financial self-defense and empowerment. You'll learn the way out of any financial morass you may find yourself in—no matter how you got there.

We start with the most common problem: the crushing burden of too much debt. We show you how to pull yourself out of debt.

Just as valuable: You'll have the 5 keys to keep you out of debt.


You'll also discover the mindset you must adopt if you're going to be successful in digging yourself out of debt. And we reveal the psychological trick that helps you pay off debt quickly and gives you the momentum you need to reach the debt-free finish line.

If you need it, we connect you with a great and inexpensive resource to use if you're in over your head so deeply it seems there's absolutely no way out.

No matter how far under you may be today ...

The Strategies in Your Money
Revolution Can Help You Once
Again Sleep Well At Night.

And that's just the beginning of this bonus module. We cover 9 of the most common financial scams your family may run into ... and we teach you exactly what to do to beat them.

We cover the 7 steps to becoming a healthy skeptic—but without becoming paralyzed by fear that you'll make a wrong move.

We also reveal why even your children are vulnerable to identity theft—and you'll know how to protect them from it.

Are You Ready for an Eye Opener?

You'll discover the risky behaviors you may be engaging in right now that make you a target for con-artist scams and identity-theft schemes (such as the emails that say, “There's a problem with your account. Click here to log in”).

Bonus Module #3: Making Money and Giving It Away—On Your Terms. A $197.00 Value ... Yours FREE!

In this third bonus module, we look at more cheerful topics: what you should do once you get your financial house in order! We'll help you think through starting your own business. You'll discover for yourself if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

This module gives you the tools and resources you need to go from financial scarcity to financial abundance ... and faster than you might think!

And in one of the sessions I had the most fun writing, I'll give you some great ideas for smart charitable giving.

You'll learn 3 reasons why it makes sense to give, even before you feel you can “afford” to ... and several novel ideas for giving that my husband and I have been using that have significantly enriched our world.

These ideas can enrich your world, too.

Ever wondered if the charity asking for your money is legit?

We show you how to find organizations to support that you are passionate about, and how to quickly determine if those charities really pass on most of the money they raise to those in need ... or if they spend too much of your donation on fat high salaries, outrageous expense accounts and cushy offices.

You'll Also Get These 9 Bonuses to Help You Each Step of the Way

We want to help you become financially successful—beyond your wildest dreams! And so we have some bonus extras for you—to help you each step of the way. You'll also get ...

Bonus #1: A “Quick Start” Guide to jump-start your personal financial transformation. This will help you quickly master the core wealth building strategies and techniques we use throughout the entire coaching program. This is a $197.00 value, yours FREE.

Bonus #2: A copy of Your Personal Roadmap to Financial Freedom Workbook—a simple, step-by-step guide that walks you through each module and lets you create a custom-tailored map of your road ahead. It includes worksheets, checklists, calculators and other tools to help you transform your finances in less time than you imagined possible. This is a $397.00 value, yours FREE.

Bonus #3: Your Retirement Magic Number Calculator. You'll never wonder again how much money you'll need to live comfortably in retirement. If you want to avoid the all-too-real possibility of running out of money before you run out of life, this calculator gives you the facts you need. This easy-to-use calculator is indispensible for your retirement planning and peace of mind. This is a $179 value, yours FREE.

Bonus #4: An autographed hardcover copy of my latest New York Times bestselling book, The Bank On Yourself Revolution. In this vital volume, you'll have an in-depth source of information on some of the life-changing concepts and strategies you'll discover in the course. I'm sorry to say we can only send the free book to addresses in the United States. This is a $25.95 value, yours FREE.

Bonus #5: Live monthly coaching calls for a full 90 days, so you get personal follow-up from me and my team and get to hear from other students, as they implement these financial transformation strategies and tools. You can access these calls by phone or on your computer. You'll receive advance notification of the calls so you can put them on your calendar. And if you ever miss a call, you'll be glad to know they'll all be recorded, so you can listen in at your convenience. This is a $297.00 value, yours FREE.

Bonus #6: 24/7 Access to our password-protected members-only website with all of our content, archived coaching calls, resources and planning tools, for review whenever and wherever you want. This is a $297.00 value, yours FREE.

Bonus #7: Full and unlimited access to our exclusive members-only forum, where you can communicate with your fellow Your Money Revolution members. Post your questions, share your thoughts and join in the discussion of issues important to you. This is all about building each other up and supporting one another in overcoming our challenges and reaching our goals. This is a $119.00 value, yours FREE.

Bonus #8: Your personal lifetime subscription to my email newsletter that covers breaking news that affects your finances and your everyday life. This is an $89.00 value, yours FREE.

Bonus #9: Exclusive advance invitations and discounted charter member admission to all Your Money Revolution live events, where you'll be able to spend time with us one-on-one and meet your fellow coaching students.

You'll Have Everything You Need to Enjoy a
Lifetime Free from Financial Stress and Worry!

Description: course materials with disc labels.jpg

In short: You get EVERYTHING you need to implement these strategies, including:

* Detailed instructional videos

* Financial literacy questionnaires

* Live coaching

* Worksheets, calculators, checklists and other tools

* Answers to all of your questions

* Access to a like-minded community of folks dedicated to completely transforming their financial lives

We've included everything we can think of to get you up to speed with the Your Money Revolution approach to money, and wealth creation and protection.

Here's what retired Navy Commander Bob Chambers says about this program ...

Pamela Yellen's Your Money Revolution coaching program is packed with financial education lessons presented in an entertaining, easy-to-understand manner. This program guides you through the entire process of securing financial freedom. And it's tailored to multiple learning styles. Choose from print, video, slideshow, audio formats, or a combination.

While everyone else is searching for a roadmap to help get them started, remain on track, and secure a successful retirement, this program will help you become financially smarter and understand how to safely grow your wealth.

-CDR Bob Chambers Jr., MBA, USN (Ret.), Creator of “Financial Independence Made Easy

At this point you may be wondering if this is simply too good to be true.

You may be wondering if all of these life-changing financial strategies will really work for you.

No Risk. No Kidding!

That's why I'm making your decision to join Your Money Revolution absolutely, positively 100% risk FREE.

Now, before I tell you our offer and guarantee, I want to repeat that we are NOT going to ask for a percentage of your investments or profits, as most financial planners and investment managers do. Nope. Nothing like that.

And we're NOT going to charge you the $2,000 to $5,000 that other elite financial coaching programs charge.

Plus, we'll let you test drive Your Money Revolution risk-free for 90 days.

I could charge $1,997 for this financial transformation program. And in the future, I expect to be charging that much for it. But by joining Your Money Revolution today, you won't have to pay anything near that amount. And you can try out the whole program on a trial basis with zero risk.

Exclusive Introductory Offer

If you click on the button below, you can take your time and have 90 days to fully immerse yourself in our life-changing personal finance coaching. Test our money-saving, money-making strategies and wealth-building secrets with no risk whatsoever.

If you don't agree Your Money Revolution is everything I've described—and more—or you aren't absolutely convinced it will enable you to transform your finances for the better—forever—just let us know within 90 days and we'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

What Could Joining
Your Money Revolution Mean for You?

I realize that the Your Money Revolution coaching program may strike some people as a bit pricey.

But when you think about what this program will mean for you—

* Eliminating financial stress and worry once and for all

* Being able to look forward to a prosperous retirement, not just “getting by”

* Having enough money to do what you really want to do ... When you want to do it, and

* Ending arguments about money with the people you love

—I'm sure you'll agree it's actually a bargain.

The truth is, even one of our recommendations could put hundreds of thousands of extra dollars into your bank account over the coming years.

And you could easily make back many times the tuition fee just in the first 90 days, simply by implementing some of our strategies and techniques.

When you look at it in those terms, even a $1,997 tuition fee that is FULLY REFUNDABLE upon request any time within the first 90 days hardly seems like a stumbling block.

But as I mentioned, I'm not going to charge you anything close to that.

The hands-on coaching and the practical financial advice in this program are so important—and there are so many people who desperately need the effective principles and strategies you're going to learn—that I'm going to make you an offer that is truly a no-brainer.

If you act today ...

Instead, you can TEST DRIVE the Your Money Revolution coaching program for 90 days for not ...

And when you think about it, that works out to just $1.36 a day over the course of a year—less than the price of a cup of coffee. As soon as you realize that you will use the strategies you discover in Your Money Revolution for the rest of your life, you'll understand how your investment can actually pay you back thousands of times over.

And with our convenient monthly plan, you pay just $197 per month for three months.

That's right:

Just $197 to get INSTANT ACCESS to what I truly believe is the most effective program of financial transformation available—a program that will immediately help you to:

* Stop worrying about money

* Build up a substantial reserve fund of safe and liquid cash and enjoy the financial peace of mind that gives you

* Enjoy a richer lifestyle while spending less than you do now

* Put hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in your investment and retirement accounts—without taking any additional risk

* Enjoy new financial freedom and intimacy with your love ones ... And, most of all...

Create the life of your dreams!

That's What I Call a True Bargain

Now for the bad news.

Because we are offering live group coaching and Q & A sessions, I simply CANNOT accept every person who might want in on this coaching program.

There's just no way we could handle that volume of people and still give you the kind of individual attention I want you to have.

So I've been forced to limit the number of members I can accept into this coaching program.

And frankly, I expect that we're going to sell out fast and have to suspend admissions to the program very soon.

And once the openings are gone, they're gone. You won't be able to get in for love or money.

The best we'd be able to do for you then is put you on a waiting list.

So if You're Unsure What to Do,
Here's What I Recommend ...

If this Your Money Revolution coaching program is something you want to be a part of ...

... if you've always dreamed of taking control of your finances and building a life of true financial independence ...

... and if you've longed for experienced guides to show you, step by step, how to get out of debt and stop worrying about money ...

... then simply agree to TEST DRIVE the program right now. You'll have a full 90 days to make up your mind for yourself.

All I ask is that you do your part and give this program a fair shot. That way, you'll at least be able to try out the program and know if it's right for you.

Say YES to yourself. Click the button, with absolutely no risk. You'll get instant access to our entire course, and your hardcover book will be shipped immediately. And you'll have a full 90 days to explore Your Money Revolution. If you don't agree it's everything I've promised, I'll promptly refund every penny you've paid, and you can keep my New York Times Bestseller, The Bank On Yourself Revolution as my way of saying thank you for your trust.

One click will get you started toward revolutionizing your financial world.

But if you don't accept your no-risk trial right now, you may miss out completely.

Finally, let me add one more thing.

Your Money Revolution is the financial coaching program I wish had been available to me when I was starting out in the 1980s.

I had to learn through the school of hard knocks—and through investigating 450 different financial strategies. I wasted A LOT of time and money on strategies that looked good, but that simply didn't work.

I Want to Eliminate That Painful
Experience and Expense for You

If it turns out within the next 90 days this program is not what you're looking for, you get 100% of your money back. So you really have nothing to lose ... and everything to gain.

Just click on the button below to get started.

Our first coaching session begins very soon.

Sometimes in life you just have to go for it. This is one of those times.

I promise you, you won't regret it.

Yours for Prosperity,

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